Auditing Standards

Assurco is built on trust and integrity, so we apply the highest standards to our audit programmes and fieldwork.

Management System Auditing to ISO 19011

Any audit of a management system standard we conduct is in compliance with ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems.

Our Commitment to NOT Provide Consultancy

Assurco exists to audit and assess ONLY, so we commit to NEVER provide consultancy services to the same clients as this could impact the objectivity of our work.

When you work with Assurco you know that any findings we raise are based on objective evidence and observation of your organisation.

Impartiality Policy

The Assurco Impartiality Policy forms the core of our structure and we have strict policies and procedures to support it.

Managing Conflict of Interest

Inevitably potential conflicts of interest will occur, so we have an established process to identify and managed these to ensure maximum integrity and transparency.

Our Auditing Principles

  • Integrity – Ethical conduct.
  • Fair Presentation – Report truthfully and accurately.
  • Due Professional Care – Application of diligence and judgement.
  • Confidentiality – Security of knowledge acquired.
  • Independence – Objectivity of audit results.
  • Evidence-Based Approach –Rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible conclusions.
  • Risk-Based Approach – Considering risks and opportunities during the audit.