ISO 9001 Auditors

Assurco’s impartial ISO 9001 Auditors can assess your Quality Management System against your own requirements and the requirements of the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management System (QMS). 

ISO 9001 Auditors

In addition, we can compile an audit team including specialist auditors to cover industry specific iterations of the standard such as:

  • AS 9100 for Aerospace,
  • IATA 16949 for Automotive,
  • ISO 13485 for Medical Devices,
  • ISO 18091:2019 for Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 in local government.

ISO 9001 Audit Programme

We will assign a Lead ISO 9001 Auditor to your organisation who will work with you to define the scope of your audit requirement considering:

  • The products and services provided,
  • Any design and development work,
  • Any calibration or measuring requirements,
  • Physical Locations and Local Legislation,
  • Human Resources, 
  • Relevant third parties.

We will then create an audit programme based on your intended audit objectives.

There are many reasons to perform an ISO 9001 Audit including:

  • Testing the effectiveness of operating processes,
  • Evaluating resilience in your supply chain,
  • Meeting the Internal Audit Requirements of clause 9.2,
  • Preparing  for a Certification Audits,
  • Providing reassurance to stakeholders.

ISO 9001 Audit Guidelines

Our ISO 9001 auditors will follow the guidelines established by the ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group which provides ideas, examples and explanations for auditing specific aspects of the ISO 9001 Quality standard.

ISO 9001 Audit Field Work & Audit Report

During the audit fieldwork we will test your management system and operational processes using risk-based sampling techniques.  Any findings will be raised based on the objective evidence sampled, and we’ll be transparent about this during the audit.

A full audit report is provided, including positive observations, which can be presented to leadership and other stakeholders as a measure of the effectiveness of your QMS.  The audit report should always be shared in full.

ISO 9001 Audit Findings & Remediations

Assurco does not provide consultancy advice, however our auditors are trained to provide enough information within audit reports for you to understand the nonconformances and find a suitable corrective action.

We will also prioritise weaker areas of your ISO 9001 quality management system in future audits, taking a risk-based approach.

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Our ISO 27001 Audits are conducted in line with our Auditing Standards and Audit Process.